Hi. I'm David Seidman, a member of this forum (although I don't post often), and I have a new book out.

It's called What If I'm an Atheist?, a guidebook for teenagers that's just been published by Simon and Schuster.

The reviews have been pretty strong: Kirkus Reviews says that the book is "superbly written, smart and sensitive," and School Library Journal calls it "a must-have resource." On Amazon, it's reached #6 in Teens > Personal Health > Body, Mind & Spirit and #9 in Teens > Social Issues > Being a Teen.

You can find out more at any of these websites:




What if I'm an Atheist

Thanks for listening.


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I hear you, bub. Well done.


I like the cover and the description, great job David.

I'll recommend it to any teens I come across with an interest in learning about atheism.

Though in a secular society like the one I live in, most of the people I know and meet are atheists.

In fact, all the teens I know are atheists, including those going to the Catholic schools, as we often joke about the stupidity being pushed in those schools in the name of religion.

So Australia is not really a likely place for marketing your book, unless it is the tiny community of Bible believers in Queensland.

I could've used this a few years ago that's for sure. 


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