This is an excellent new small book on atheism by an ex-Islamist who has a very large atheist following! Please see attached photo of back cover and consider buying a copy.

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Just for the record, the book is: Why There Is No God, by Armin Navabi, and it is available at and Barnes and Noble.

Do you recommend it?


Haven't read it, so no opinion.  It's just that nowhere in the text did Eric actually mention either the title or the author, so I thought I'd throw that in.

It's on the photo I attached.  I'm about through 1/3 of it and I strongly recommend.  Very clearly written and easy to follow.

Eric, thank. I'll give it a try. 

The description sounds as if it will be helpful to Muslims.

Sounds interesting. I've skimmed through the biography blurb and the website. My big question which I could not find an answer for is ... does this guy do all of this from within Iran? i saw pictures of people who do not show their faces in countries where it may be dangerous to do so but belong to his group.

If he is doing this from Iran and has so many followers, is the Iranian theocracy trying to locate him and punish him.

Publishing that book under his own name (if that is) is a brave but dangerous act, no matter where he lives. Living in Canada is zero protection.


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