Salutations all,

Call me Jodi. 

I am a new Atheist. Raised in a xtian household.  I am interested in making some friends in the atheist community and learning more about the world I was denied learning about growing up being steeped in xtian bible stories and not learning much about science and logic / critical thinking in school or personal responsibility and self reliance/independence at home.  

I ask for your patience as I learn about this new and refreshing way of moving in the world. And don't be afraid to say hi.  and start a conversation with me.

Thank you.


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Hi Jodi, and welcome. I'm totally familiar with things in a Christian household and in the end I can thank my studies for finally turning me atheist. It's strange that the believer thinks we atheists claim to have all the answers. I have very few answers but they just keep making stuff up. I'm almost 70 and religious beliefs have changed a lot in my lifetime. No evidence. Just popular belief thrown at the followers.

Hello there,  thank you for the welcome. And yeah,  as  an ex-christian, I look back on my old life and its like a TOTALLY  different person,  I like person I am now, than the person I was then,  much better.  I know I have family that are 'praying for me to come back to god'   but once your eyes are open to a new way of living,  you can't exactly close your eyes again and go through life asleep/blind to the reality/truth... you know?

I find it strange that some so called atheists get "converted." They must have not had a clue what this is all about. For me, I've found that once you have seen behind the curtain you can no longer believe in the Wizard of Oz.

This gets more bizzare when believers hear you say this and have no idea what you are talking about. It simply means there is no evidence of gods.

And that gods are made up by mankind ..etc.  Its funny you should mention the Wizard of Oz.  I have the books (technically book, as it is an omnibus) and was delighted, when I searched for books that are an allegory of atheism that Wizard of Oz was the first and I think only (I could be wrong)  result that came up. I even found the blog / article talking about how that book is allegorical on how a new atheist is  awakened.... as it were.  Its an interesting take on the story. Made me want to move it up higher on my list of books to read that's for sure....

Hi, Jodi! Please visit the chat room soon for interesting conversations with atheists across the US and around the world.




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