i'm surprised it's not noted anywhere here on the site, but A/N now has a fully functional mobile website.  check it out for yourself.  big round of applause for the developers!

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Yeah we should have told everyone. Sorry about that. I'll do it now.

no problem.  looks great, btw. 

it was nice meeting you at the Reason Rally.  incidentally, i just mentioned you in another discussion about Republican Atheists, if you care to respond.  hope you're not offended, but i'd really like to know how an Atheist can square the peg with the GOP.  here's the link:


Yay- I've been using it on my iPhone while I am out and about. That way the Nexus is always with me! : )

Question: Is it available for Androids as well? I have an Android with Cricket, if that helps.

i have an Android (not sure what Cricket is) so yes. 

Thanks Matthew. For the record, Cricket is a prepaid cell phone company. They do have 3G service available, which is what my phone has.

Ooh, gonna check it out. Been using the site with Dolphin on android, but it hasn't loaded the chat function well at all. Maybe it will with the mobile version!

Just an update... Using Dolphin on android I am able to use chat on the actual chat page, but the scrolling is troublesome, as the history builds and won't pop down to the latest post to chat. This is compounded by the fact that sometimes I have private chats running, and going between, I have to scroll pages and pages, which on a tablet, means a lot of thumb swipes...

But at least it does work on the chat page.

Ooh, awesome! I haven't been very active here lately (unemployed, sitting at home feeling sorry for myself), but this will be great!

Can't find the app in iTunes or the App icon for iPhone 4s. Was it discontinued?

You don't need an app for it - load in safari and then choose to view the mobile version of the site.

You can also go to it on your phone, then click the "action" button at the bottom of the page and click "add to home screen".  It will look like an app on your phone, and when you click on it, it opens in safari....




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