Ignore the title. It was the wittiest thing I could come up with at short notice.


Anway, hello people.


My name is Amy, in case you haven't noticed. I'm 15, very soon to be 16, and I'm about to go to college in a few months, for a course in physics (and chemistry, maths and music on the side), and I hope to help science in some way or another in my lifetime, which is really my ambition.


As far as religious followers are concerned, I don't automatically hate people if they tell me they're religious. I hate religion, not people. Agreed, religion has led to some horrible crimes, and I hate the people who committed them, but that doesn't mean everyone's like them.


I was brought up an atheist, born into a family of atheists and agnostics, so really I'm quite lucky never to have never had to cope with the brainwashing that is modern religion.


I'm also lucky to have been born in the UK, where atheism is widely accepted apart from the odd religious nutcase, but we can't avoid them completely, ay? Speaking of countries with a high tolerance and percentage of atheism, I recently went on a foreign exchange with school to Germany for a week. There wasn't a mention of religion the whole time I was there, by anyone, so I rather liked it there indeed. I've heard most of Europe is like that though.


I also support the cause for the Isle of Wight to be made symmetrical, and I think Fox News should sort their heads out.


Right, I think that's enough said on my part for now. Thanks for reading, and also...





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Welcome to the Nexus Amy!

Regarding your student exchange, you must`ve been to an urban area, because religion is still pretty strong in the countryside here in Germany, at least in the old western part.
Actually, it was Munich :) so, yeah, you're probably right.
Thats interesting... Bavaria is the most catholic of all german federal states... Visist any public school there and you`ll find class rooms with crosses on the walls.. ugh
Having said that, there do seem to be different sections in cities, anyway. For instance, in the city I live in, there are parts which are very religious, and parts that aren't. I live in an area which is quite secular, but go somewhere else, it's highly religious. Obviously, I had the luck to go to a very secular area, somehow.
Thats a good observation. And if I remember correctly, Munich is the bavarian center of social democrats, meaning people who support more moderate religion or atheism.
What I wrote was basically a first impression of Munich as a whole- you may be right. Having said that, I don't know much about Germany...
And I`m not very familiar with the UK. I visited London for a week about 15 years ago... and thats it. Here something totally unrelated but funny I stumbled about:

I've just watched a coupla things now... there's nothing quite like taking the piss out of crappy 80s movies :D
Those guys are quite funny most of the time. I like surfing through youtube, you find the most hillarious things.
...and I hope to help science in some way or another in my lifetime, which is really my ambition.

If your goal is to make yourself popular on this board, you couldn't find a better introduction than that. Except maybe offering free beers to all the regulars here. Welcome!
Well, I could always start up a brewery!
That would be a good start. It would also negate half of the reasons I have to convert to Pastafarianism.




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