The latest translation of the bible does not use the word virgin to describe Mary.  It calls her a young lady.  This is much closer to the original Aramac word used to describe her.  A expert at UNC in Aramac has said for years that the translation is wrong.  She said the orignal word is one of many words that is almost imposable to translate into English.  Several languages have words that do not translate well into other languages.

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The History Channel has such great shows on the history of the bible and they did it again last night.  They talked a bit about Lilith (sp) Adam's 1st wife.  Great stuff,  Also about all the books that were removed from the bible because the powers that be didn't approve of them. 

Unless I am mistaken (been a while since I looked into this), even with taking the word "virgin" out of the Bible, it is still implied that she was. So this doesn't necessarily change the story.


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