Could you add an option that allows people to not have their blog posts show on the main page? It would be best if the default was set to "Do not display on front page".

There are a lot of casual and junk posts that show up on the front page, and I'm sure there are many people who are simply unaware that they are actually posting to such a high-profile spot.

I know you can make your post visible to "Just My Friends", but that forces a choice between a private and public post.

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There's not a lot you can do about this I don't think - other than the privacy and comments options to limit who sees it. It can easily be solved by user awareness - short little curiousity pieces and trivial one line comments don't need to be suppressed altogether. Instead, people should make greater use of the forum and the various interest groups.

But I agree - there is way to much crap that gets posted to the frontpage. Articles there should really be our showcase. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of our species are entirely untrainable and will continue to post crap there out of apathy, igorance or pure contempt for other peoples views on the matter.
I, for one, look forward to hearing about what people are saying around AN. I consider it part of the joy of existing in community. The Front Page offers a kind of Main Street, and I enjoy seeing the variety of topics and displays that are being created by our community members.

I have made more connections by the happenstance of front page postings than through any other means on AN. And I doubt I'm the only one who would make that claim.
I definitely agree with this in principle. I just think there should be, at the very least, a clear message to all users that their "private" blog is visible on the front page.
Why not take blogs off the front page and leave the discussions. Blogs are an individual style depending on the person.
Because Ning, the hosting provider, offers a prepackaged product. Making what seems to be a minor change to you may be an enormous job as far as actually implementing it goes.

Users conscientiously doing the right thing is the best answer. But its easier to believe in Santa Claus than to expect that.
Once again, what you think is the 'right thing' doesn't automatically make it the correct way. Is there a list of blogging rules??? If so then maybe they should be posted. I agree with NH Baritone, I like reading other peoples' blogs and the variety of ways they are done in.

Atheists don't come in neat little packages that all look the same. We're different and should be embraced by our differences. Maybe you should open your mind alittle more and accept people who don't do everything the way you do!
I've resisted the temptation to suggest posting guidelines as it inevitably invites all sorts of unpleasantness and argument. However, there are many forums out there that have stood the test of time who's posting guidelines would provide a good basis. But none of these guidelines are a substitute for common sense or common courtesy. The best rule for deciding what is appropriate for a front page post is -

Is it the sort of thing that you enjoy reading ?

There is nothing more annoying than a page full of one line statements without any context or explanation, or a bunch of SLYTs (single link youTube) crap, or "I'm off for the weekend !!! BYE !!!". Who the fuck cares ?

If people haven't seen the forum, then go and look at it, understand it and USE IT.
Would the guidelines for posting be your guidelines, or actual guidelines from the creator/s of a/n? I googled Blog Rules and nowhere did it say that vids and pics were a bad idea. Besides, I thought forums where more for discussion?

Careful, Meabh,you'll get felch in an uproar again!




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