Hello. Just for the sake of some comic relief, i thought it would be nice to create a forum discussing the possibility of an independent country - specially for atheist. What would it be called? where would it be? and how many people would actually live there?
What kind of government would it have? or would it be anarchy?
Consider this to be a question in social science fiction. It could be utopian or Orwellian.... anything. Just some creative fiction. Cheers.

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In the Nibs misadventure series Nibs becomes the king of an island and there anyone is welcomed to come and live but they can not spread their religious beliefs beyond their churches or homes and in fact there is one town set aside where all of the churches are and everyone living in the town goes to the church of their choice but is not allowed to speak about their religion outside their churches and if caught doing so they are arrested and if convicted of the charges are sentenced to live on an ice floe either at the South or North Pole and when the ice melts their sentence ends and they are free to leave on their own. That would be an ideal atheist nation to solve the religious problem once and for all.
I like the sound of that one.
Anyone heard of the Venus Project?

Then we must trust in Dog all mighty to save us before it is too late. We must have the faith he will come and rescue us and take us to live in his great dog house in the sky.
Name: United States of Reality

Location: Midwest (We will physically relocate believers to the Bible Belt...we will be considered the Casual Cardigan Sweater...we will remove them by playing George Carlin Standup Routines by loudspeaker)

Population: Depends on Minnesota

Government: Representative democracy of freethinking, enlightened book-reading, library card-carrying intellectuals who know the difference between debating and arguing for the
heck of it.

Anarchy: How uncivilized, no
Government: Representative democracy

I would change the recent Supreme Court ruling on political donations by corporations. Make it zero.

Remove churches' charity status. Cuz it ENABLES churches to do false charity when in fact they're simply buying souls.

Then remove the tax deductible political donations. Replace it with a 75% tax deductible Educational donation.

Then a generation later, when all citizens are properly educated, transform our society to direct democracy, thereby removing the idiotic politician middle man ridiculousness that we see today.
I already live in the Midwest. Can we import mountains and some ocean please? I miss them so. But, keeping Chicago would work.
I love The Nerd. And I think that St. Louis should change its name to Invisible Pink Louis RIGHT NOW.

I read this whole thread, top to bottom, and I rejoiced that this kind of intelligent discussion is possible and that people from every kind of society and culture can chime in. I didn't read anything truly stupid here.

BUT, having said that, I have to agree with the rather intense Tom Thompson. It IS about freedom of speech, and thought, and identity. Freedom of thought is EVERYTHING. Without that, there can be no other freedoms. And there's never been a need to protect popular speech or popular thought. Right now we are the ones who need protecting, but in this imaginary secular country, the religious nutjobs would be the ones who need protecting. And if we had any sense at all, we WOULD protect their right to be nutjobs and to spew their nutjob thoughts far and wide. Fortunately, they'd be gone within a couple of generations because the children born into our secular country would learn to think and to reason and to question. Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I think that, given a chance, reason would thrive.

And, just out of curiosity, why are we discussing what to do with the native inhabitants of whatever land mass we take over? It's easy. Just ship 'em out!
I agree completely. Our obsession with protection for others what we wish for ourselves is mistaking. Just because we want freedom of speech for ourselves also does not mean all others should have. Freedom is a much abused word. I prefer this definition of freedom: Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. If religious idiots have the same freedom of speech as reasoned people then there is no culture, no civilisation, no distinctions, no good and bad, we are all free but we are all just mindless automatons serving the capitalistic infrastructure.

This is a war, and giving all freedoms to the others all the freedoms ensures our ultimate defeat.
I must say, I rather enjoy that concept of dancing naked in the streets....=)

Oh and the fantasy itself was rather cool too! xD
Dog gone it and I was hoping the Cat licks and the believers of Dog all mighty would be able to stay amongst the atheist and agnostics to be able to bow wow down to Dog and the cat licks to just pussy foot around amongst us meowing about this and that.


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