Hello. Just for the sake of some comic relief, i thought it would be nice to create a forum discussing the possibility of an independent country - specially for atheist. What would it be called? where would it be? and how many people would actually live there?
What kind of government would it have? or would it be anarchy?
Consider this to be a question in social science fiction. It could be utopian or Orwellian.... anything. Just some creative fiction. Cheers.

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yeah but the 'secular jews' (still have a hard time with that) had to use biblical history to justify their sempiternal hardship. Without the biblical exodus, there is not "first" hardship for jews. I see all other hardships as an indirect consequence of the first, the constant victim plea, since biblical days. But if the first hardship did not exist, the whole litany of the 'persecuted people' the 'chosen people' would never have existed in the first place. And who knows, the holocaust context might have been different.

Without the bible, Israel would not be. The secular jews used the bible to take over a country.
This is not quite so. The initial impulse for Zionism was secularist, and the stimulus was the dangerous situation of the Jews of the Russian empire. Every conceivable shade of opinion was debated, including where to pitch a colony, including Uganda, Argentina, the Western USA. Many were skeptical about the Middle East, then under the Ottoman Empire. Naturally, the Bible, and that region as the presumed historical homeland of the Jews, played an ideological role and eventually won out. Without the Bible, perhaps the implausibility of settling in the Middle East would have changed the course of history, and those Zionists who wanted to escape Europe would have done what everyone else did: flee to the USA.
Indeed, had the zionists not accepted biblical history, history would have indeed been different :)
The country border would be defined by the shape of the FSM (flying spaghetti monster) and everyone there would be temples to worship a giant orbiting space teapot. There would be statues of Darwin, Dawkins and Adams at every street junction, but everyone would ignore them (otherwise that would be idol worship, wouldn't it?).

I think an artificial island somewhere in the middle of the pacific would be an ideal place.
Sounds like an ideal society already,lol
Artificial island, eh? Cable and Deadpool style?
Maybe we could occupy the giant garbage dump (the size of Texas) floating in the Pacific Ocean and recycle it into a honest society. The symbolism could be that of Phoenix arising from the ashes (or in this case the trash).
That was what popped into my head when the idea of an artificial island was mentioned.
Reuse - Reduce - Recycle
Some years back I read about a "virtual" country that was formed based not on geography but on principals. I suppose its citizens could live anywhere. I don't remember what it was called. The idea seems sound, though is not without complications. You are just talking hypothetically though.
There is a nation of millions, spread all over the world, that has no borders. It's called The Catholic Church.

Ours could have a slightly more modest Presidential Palace.
of course this is hypothetical... haha. I think you're talking about Second Life?
No, I didn't mean virtual as in cyberspace. I googled and I found the virtual country of Wirtland. It seems to have some internet notoriety.


The name sounds familiar but since it was founded in 2008 it is unlikely to be the country I once read about.


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