Hello. Just for the sake of some comic relief, i thought it would be nice to create a forum discussing the possibility of an independent country - specially for atheist. What would it be called? where would it be? and how many people would actually live there?
What kind of government would it have? or would it be anarchy?
Consider this to be a question in social science fiction. It could be utopian or Orwellian.... anything. Just some creative fiction. Cheers.

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If only there was a secular nation? That's a good idea. I know, we can call it America. This is the secular Nation!
You must live in the fantasy America. The USA is one of the least secular countries in the world, statistically speaking and in every respect that matters.
Well, if we don't do something to change the direction this country is headed, it may split apart and then we atheists can form a new nation.
Actually American Atheist was going to do just that in the late eighties and buy an island off the Florida keys and start their own country, but they could not get enough money together to do it as they wanted everyone to put up a hundred thousand dollars each, but few people had that much money. If I lived in an atheist country I would build a church with no windows or doors because atheist don't go to church anyway. I once built a dog house that looked like a small church and named my dog God and he stayed in that dog house at night or during the day sometimes. And if I lived in an atheist country I would sell dog houses that looked like tiny churches and stencil lettering on them "Church of Dog."
Not to be confused with "East St. Louis" which is in Illinois. Due to some land deals and other great decisions (IL, a bastion of government corruption statewide!) it has produced some hostile neighborhoods. This is unfortunate, because the people I've met there really are pretty great.
and St. Louis is home to "the Nerd" too! We might need to change the name of our city though. I don't think the "Saint" part of the name will go over to well with the atheists.
I’ve played with this idea for years, especially when I’ve felt particularly smothered by religious nut jobs (usually around the holidays). It’s a fantastic idea, except that we would become an immediate target for every religious militant group on the face of the earth.

Regardless of that, I still find the idea enormously entertaining. It would be wonderful to live somewhere where everyone has a rational view of the universe. Imagine what it would be like to not drive by thousands of Christmas lights and nativity scenes every December, not be blessed every time you sneeze, or be subjected to religious vomit every Sunday morning on the radio and television.

Imagine living in a place where our children would feel free to openly discuss the detrimental effects of religious institutions with teachers and classmates—a place where our children would not be ridiculed for not mindlessly repeating “one nation under god”. As a result of offering our children an enormously open-minded, rational, and science-based learning experience, they would have a clearer understanding of our world, and thus a brighter future ahead of them.

As far as public institutions are concerned, religious material would be relegated to the mythology section of the library, religious youth groups would be replaced by Humanist youth groups, and community centers would never host religious events.

What would we do about Mormons, Jehovah's Wittnesses, etc. who wanted to enter our country to spread their disease? Would we let them? Would we bring them to some sort of town hall meeting where anyone in the area would be free to debate with them? I'm not really sure what I would do about this particular issue. I guess I like the town hall idea the best.

How would the government be run? I really don't think that the U.S. government is the best system. I definitely don't think that any sort of monarchy is the way to go. I suppose we would need several groups of people at different levels. Maybe we could use the Swiss government as an example. I wonder if Richard Dawkins would be interested in a position in the government? I think he would do a fantastic job!

Sorry about the length. I got a little carried away.
ake them register with the police as foreign criminals and if they mentioned their gods in public put them in jail or deport them for treason.
Many may target us, but we would have most of the best scientists. :) Force shields.
I can appreciate how this idea is amusing, and might even seem desirable on some level, but the very definition is appalling to me. A country founded on the principle of restricted thoughts, ideas, and speech is against everything I believe. I support the right of theists to have delusions, and to express those delusions in public. That is what freedom is all about.
But does belief count as thought? I would think blind faith is the very antithesis of thought...
Natural construction of a society is on the bases of culture, not on beliefs. Its easier to ignore belief difference than cultural difference. It is usually seen when people from different cultures come to live in the same place, mixing up is little. They usually create Islands of cultural communities. I don't even see people of different cultures mixing well at AN. For me it would be intresting to immagine how an athiest country will behave ethnically.


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