I find it difficult to click on links to member comments when Latest Activity is just a list of text. It took three tries to find Tom's latest comment, instead of just getting the group it was in. Is this a temporary dysfunction/glitch or a poor design choice?

What's going on?

I'd also like to object to the twitter and facebook links at the top of Latest Activity. Those are our competitors, not the AN latest activity!

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The problem is Ning, yet again, and the de-resolution of the formatting of the site pages.  I've notified Brother Richard about it, though during the holiday season, I would be dubious about any kind of quick response.

Thanks for the update.

It is not just this site. I find it everywhere. The idea appears to be to please everyone in giving them exactly what they want to read politically without holding to any accuracy. Feeds get changed and the filing system gets messed with. The algorithm changes into "mirror, mirror on the wall." Just another way of dumbing us down.




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