I've done a lot of work with forums/discussion boards, and I believe implementing vBulletin - or even a free version such as Invision Board - would increase the potential of this site exponentially. There is so much more ability to effectively discuss topics, and view them, as well as managing the member database. I can help out with this if its something you'd be interested in.

But on another note, I really like the layout and design of whatever design template was used to create the site, and implementing a discussion board such as the ones talked about, would be a great advantage to this site.

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Thanks for the info Tannie. Over the next few months we will be implementing several upgrades. Perhaps this will be one of them. Do you know if we can use the same member user names seamlessly?
I'm sure theres some way to integrate the member database into vBulletin. I could surely get an answer for you if I knew what system this is.
This is good to know. I will add it to the list and get back to you when we are ready to do it. Hopefully it won't be too long.


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