New FOX vid distorts reality: uses FL atheist billboard for NCSecular's

A new FOX News news video surprisingly (maybe not) misuses our currently displaying Atheists of Florida "ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE" billboards in a news piece about a North Carolina  businessman's response to the North Carolina secular coalition's ( billboard, which is similarly phrased/designed. 
Apparently FOX wanted to use ours (instead of the NCSecular's) because our design has the hated "ATHEISTS" word in our name sacraligiously printed across the hallowed American flag background ... Fox instigators knew that word would get a far greater emotional response from their bible thumping viewers than the relatively tame word "secular," even though that was used in the NC billboard that was being referenced in the news piece.
I guess I really shouldn't be surprised at how FOX conveniently distorts reality to fit their agenda ... they've made a business out of it.

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Faux News Distorts reality. And this is surprising how?

Also scary restaurant guys wants a theocracy, although I did smile at the hosts not so subtle attempts to goad him into speaking his mind.
I guess the real news is that it was that the billboards shown by FOX in place of the NC ones were designed completely independently from the NC design by one of our organization's members, EllenBeth Wachs, director of the Lakeland chapter of Atheists of Florida.

These billboards (5 in total) were placed in a small town in Florida (Lakeland) in partial response to the chastizing she got from a City Commissioner after she addressed the commission on an unrelated topic (asking that the commission stop the sectarian invocation/prayer tradition); the commissioner singled her out by questioning why she did not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

When we saw the FOX video, we fell out of our chairs in shock to see our Florida billboards used to demonstrate the billboards used in a story about the North Carolina advertisements.

FYI, following is a contrast of the two designs:

North Carolina design (used on the Billy Graham Parkway near Charlotte, NC) ...

Florida design (Lakeland) ...




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