Hi there! I've just joined this community because I'd love to be in touch with other non-theist people. I was raised as a roman catholic and attended a religious school, but over the years I noticed all those stories I was told had no sense. For several years I simply ignored religion, until in my early twenties I started describind myself as "atheist". To me, God was just another human creation, just like the Tooth Fairy, and I found it very sad that so many people used it as a excuse not to try to know the truth or, worse still, to manipulate others. And I didn't want to be part of that.
I am glad to see I am not alone. ;)

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"...and I found it very sad that so many people used {God} as a excuse not to try to know the truth or, worse still, to manipulate others."

Or worse still, to justify their own bad behavior ("God told me to" ... "The Devil made me do it").

Welcome to the Nexus!
Welcome Kira! Congrats on breaking free from the bonds of religion.
Thank you for your welcome! I'm glad to be part of this (sensible) community. ;)
Welcome! You are definitely not alone! :)
Hi Kira and welcome to A|N. I, too was raised a catholic and it made little or no sense to me then, absolutely none now. I imagine it's hard to ignore religion in Spain, maybe even harder declaring yourself an atheist. Hopefully this site will help you see there are many people in agreement with you.
I've been lucky enough no to be surrounded by religious fundamentalists. The believers I know are in no way fanatics, and most even disagree with the Catholic Church on a number of subjects. However, there are always groups of people who won't listen to any other point of view that differs from theirs. Sadly, that seems to be an universal phenomenon.
Kira hello,

Welcome to A|N. I hope you enjoy yourself here as much as I do. Whatever you're into I'm sure there is a group for that. Or you can make your own group.

After several months, if you find this place beneficial, please consider making a donation if you can afford it. This entire site is ran by volunteers.

Thanks and enjoy.



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