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I'd like to say, "I hope not" ... but everything the Republican party has been supporting lately says otherwise.  Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Goldwater are making about 3,600 rpm in their graves at this point.

That picture is funny but you wonder if it is true.

As for Loren's reply, I'm reminded of a quote by Gerald Ford one time. He said, "if Lincoln was alive today he would be turning over in his grave."

That one has given me some laughs over the years.

I believe there is some truth to it.

The sad thing about this is that there is some truth to it. As demographics shift in the US, whites will soon be a plurality, and no longer the majority. And, they're scared shitless. The GOP has become, in my estimation:

1. The party of old white retirees living in gated, mostly all white, retirement communities where the residents are dependent on Latinos to take out the garbage and mow the yards, while the old farts sit around at the cocktail parties after golf, and bitch about all the illegal immigrants stealing jobs, along with other non-white, non-christian, and non-heterosexual 'enemies.'

2. The party of poor and uneducated whites whom they have convinced to vote against their own self interest, because they are threatened by the imagined enemies listed above, and the GOP are the only ones who can 'save' them from these barbaric hoards.

3. The incredibly wealthy who see in the GOP an ally paid lackeys who will do their legislative bidding by assisting in the destruction of the middle class and helping with the even further concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the oligarchs.




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