First off, I'm new here, so I'm still figuring things out...

I have seen groups for random things like "Trekkies" so I assume we can make groups for anything we want?
Also, I'm not sure where most people post their stories/writings.. I was wondering how long it takes to approve a group? Thats where I would normally post a story on my old networking site..
It kinda sucks that you have to wait for group approval because then you have to wait to write what's on the top of your mind if the group isn't there already, which it seems there aren't that many of them as of yet, not sure if this is on purpose and I should be posting in another part of this website or not?

Anyways, If anyone has any tips or answers, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Thank you, I just really enjoy writing in the groups, its what I'm used to... Guess I will have to readjust to this place :)
There are about five moderators and one administrator for a site of 13,000 (+ or -) people. Patience is appreciated.

There are writing groups already. It pays to see what groups have already been created. You can do this by looking at the FAQ .
I actually have seen all the groups, thank you for the advice! I didn't realize how few mods there were :)
You're welcome.

Atheist Writers is one you may or may not have seen.
So I wrote an email to admin the other day, my pro choice group still hasn't been approved and now it no longer comes up in a search. My other groups I made after that one were already approved, I'm just curious as to whats going on? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
There are groups on all sorts of subjects. Why do you feel you can only write about atheism here?
Ms. Betty, I'm not trying to be contentious, and maybe I need more sleep (I'm off to nap with the cats soon... honest!), but I am truly curious as to why you feel you can't write about much on A|N unless it involves atheism.

Could be something really obvious, and I just have my nose too close to the grindstone to see it.
I'll check on this.
Thank you very much! :)
Heh. Sorry. My memory is like Baby Swiss Cheese. What is the name of your proposed group?
Pro Choice Atheists




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