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My name is Athan Bloom and I have just relocated back to the states after 6 years in Europe. Now that I have children the momentum of religious subjucation is apparent and I am overwhelmed with the surrounding self inflicted ignorance. I have a saying which history proves..

" People will either deny or destroy that which they do not comprehend. In Its place they will build a story or myth which sounds convenient."

I find myself to be a strong Atheist minded individual with a realistic view of life and history. my wife and I have 2 boys 5 and 3 so we are now struggling slightly with the limited non secular private school available in our area. ZERO ..pretty amazing

The Education subject in this country- I feel it is obvious that if you keep the masses uneducated they are easier to control and manipulate. I need something more for them.

I remain fusterated within the manner our country dismantles our first amendment and stomp on the forefathers work to build this non secular established country.

I have joined this site today in hopes that I may be able to acomplish something which can make a difference. My big note to all of you on this site!


Divided we will fall! unlike churches and religions there is no reason to segregate ourselves within groups. History repeats itself but there needs to be a call out to those who are subjugated and are forced to shut up. "There's no reason to feel ashamed that you do not believe in supernatural stories", and it needs to be voiced out loud.







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Athan, hello and welcome to the site.  I hope you like it here.
What a gorgeous family! Good luck finding schools. I also moved from euro zone here but my kids were already teens. We were lucky to have good public schools.  I used and it was very helpful.




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