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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am an agnostic, 28 year-old father of three (well, 2 and a half at this point). I joined Athiest Nexus in an attempt to discuss issues facing athiests and as a place to give and recieve support among like-minded individuals.

I have been an agnostic pretty much all of my life. I was raised in a family whose main concern was surviving on what little we had, where little attention was paid to religion. I did attend a catholic elementary school (mostly because they had free bus pickup and drop off), but I think I spent most of the Wednesday, mandatory church time pretending that the church was a battle station and we were fending off enemy soldiers from within. (much more interesting)

I first realized my atheism during one of these battles/sermons just prior to communion when the priest held up the host to be blessed. During the "show" one of the altar boys rings a bell. When I was small I thought the bell was the magic of god, but on one particular occasion I noticed the altar boy covertly ringing the bell behind him. This is when I realized that it was a show that I was watching, and not some act of miracle.

The more I learned about christianity, the less I was capable of believing it. When questioned on my lack of faith, I often explained that it wasn't a choice to be a non-believer (though I would choose to be if it were), but it was a lack of ability to believe. I am no more capable of believing in god than I am in the Easter Bunny. No amount of threats of eternal damnation can force me to believe something which is so obviously make-believe.


A few years ago I met my wonderful wife. She had been brough up in a baptist mega-church and attended a baptist high school and Liberty University. She was so mistreated by her peers and other people within the church that she was left with shakey faith. After spending a few years discussing these things on a semi-regular basis, she has been deprogramed and now shares in my agnosticism!

Now we and our 2.5 children are all living the athiest dream. We are all naturally kind and empathetic people (and modest!). Although we are not religious ourselves, we respect that other people have beliefs (no matter how ridiculous), but very much oppose having those beliefs imposed on us or our children.

Anyway, I apologize for rambling on. I look forward to chatting with you all :)

~ Josh

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Reading rambling written well is refreshing. Now say that five time fast. I enjoyed your rambling and welcome! I've only been here a few times myself but everyone is very nice! 

Keep the rambling rambling on and on and of course welcome!
Hello Josh -- welcome to the Nexus.  I look forward to chatting with you too.  I am glad that you were able to deprogram your wife.  I also went to private school as well.  It's good that you are respectful of others who have their beliefs.  It's important to be tolerant of others -- they may later become enlightened like we have.
Great introduction, I particularly like, "it wasn't a choice to be a non-believer(but if I had a choice that's what I would chose)" I feel the same. 
Yeah great intro, and I'll second scot's comment as well. So which is it, are you agnostic or atheist? You seem to be using the terms interchangeably. If you're agnostic, shit or get off the pot! Ha, jk, I'm cool with agnostics, it's a philosophically-defensible point of view, perhaps more so than atheism (but I'm definitely an atheist), certainly more so than theism! I was raised Jewish, went to a private school, so I have no idea what you're talking about with bells and such but then again you might know as much about Judaism as I do about Christianity. Welcome to Nexus, would love to hear more of your stories!
I'm not sure which definitions are used on this page. For me, athiesm is an umbrella term simply meaning non-thiest. I consider myself an agnostic athiest. I am a non-thiest, but I don't make the leap to claiming to know whether or not there is a god. Based on the nature of the idea of a "god" I don't think it's possible to really know 100%.
I agree! But then again, what is there that we CAN know 100%? The answer is essentially nothing. The only thing that I think actually qualifies as absolutely certain knowledge is Descartes "I think therefore I am". Everything else is more or less probable. But I'm completely comfortable with 99.9999....% I think this is essentially absolute truth, and a lot more things fall into this category. It's exactly because of the way deities have been described that makes me fit them into this category.

I respect your opinion, but I am not at the 99.9999% confidence level yet. Also, if there were to be a diety, I am fairly confident that it would not be anything even close to what man-made religions have come to describe ;)


   It's refreshing to see someone else who writes in English, and not some simian drivel.

And like all forums this one has no shortage of pretentious pseudo-intellectuals. 

Hi Josh, welcome!  People on this site are very friendly, I'm sure you'll find lots of people to chat with.


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