Hi there, I'm new to Atheist Nexus, though I found it through the FriendlyAtheist.com, which I have been following for a few months. I came to Hemant's blog through the Meming of life. I got to Meming of life after reading "Parenting Beyond Belife", did that make sense?


I guess I only have been labeling myself in my head as atheist over the past 4 or so months, but became interested in learning more while finding ways to raise my son with out religion, which only seemed natural since both me and the bf don't go to church and were always indifferent to the subject. I don't want my son growing up to think that he is inherently bad and with the hate that I see in the Christians around us.


Right now I am just looking for other Atheist parents for occasional feedback on the ups and downs of having a family without religion in a community that is religious. I would also like to eventualy start a Free thinking, secular parenting group in the southern Wisconsin area.


Feel free to friend me or send me a message!

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welcome free thinker
Thanks, my mom raised my United Methodist and always said we could chose our own religion after we grew up, she is just proud she raised 3 kids to 18 with no criminal record for any of them.I strive to meet these same standards for my son as well, lol.


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