Hi i'm David.im 20 and i'm from Ireland. I'm really glad to have found this site,I really want to get to know more atheists. I am doing physics and astrophysics in college. I have a particular interest in astronomy and i'm a sci-fi fanatic. would love to meet other atheists from Ireland and around the world.

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Hi David.

Glad you made it. Look around and have fun. Hope you meet others from Ireland on this site. If not, welcome from an American.
thank you!
Hi David, Welcome from Oregon. I finished college about 4 years ago. Majored in Anthropology and Biology.
I loved my physics class. I also really love reading about and seeing movies or photos of Ireland. I would love to travel to Ireland one day. Hope you enjoy the site and find some other people from Ireland on here.
Hi David,

There are quite a few Irish people on the site. If you haven't already, you could do an advanced member search.. There are also the Irish Atheists and Atheists of Great Britain and Ireland groups here on the Nexus.
thanks i joined those groups
You're welcome!




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