Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. I just joined a few minutes ago. My parents raised me protestant ,Congregationalist to be specific. I attended church regularly until I was 13 and then my father became disenchanted with the church. Religion was never really discussed in my home. I was fortunate that my parents are very laid back. I was, however, a pretty devout Christian for 25 years. I began having doubts due to personal experiences with health issues. That made me really open my eyes to the problems of people who had things so much worse than me. From there it was a slippery slope. I became and agnostic deist, then plain old agnostic, and now an agnostic atheist. I am out of the closet to my parents about it. They don't have much to say but they don't try to change my mind or preach to me. My husband is an agnostic. I was glad to find this place because this has become a big part of my identity and I have learned so much in the last few years.

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Hiya, LeighAnn. I went from being a fearful Catholic to the ancient Greek Gods----you know, give me that old-time religion! Animal sacrifice has been kind of difficult on account of city ordinances but...

Nope, just kidding. I went from god-fearin' to free and have never had cause to regret it.

Hey guys, thanks for responding. Hey, nothing wrong with some old time gods. Sometimes I get asked by, lets say, overly exuberant religious people, if I have accepted god into my heart. I just tell them yes, I accepted Zeus ( or Odin, Ra, what ever ) years ago. Or of course, that I've been touched by the noodely appendage of the FSM, rAmen.




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