1. Please post one word, or two, or a phrase, or a poem, or song lyrics, or an essay, or any combination of words that spring immediately to mind when you see the last entry posted.  

2. Words only.  No photos, no images, no videos.  

There's a game here where you can be as monosyllabic and visual as you like.

3.  If you don't understand, or are not inspired, wait for someone else to post, and add your entry when you are inspired. 

This game should be as stream-of-consciousness as possible.   Send email to the person who posted a mystery, or ask on their profile wall if you don't understand and are inclined to pursue the issue.  

4. When you get to the bottom of the Ning nest, please create a new string all the way over (reply to that post), and include the last entry you can't respond to with your response.

5.  Keep in mind the Ning TOS (Terms of Service), and the Atheist Nexus Rules and Guidelines

6.  Feel free to respond to yourself if no one has responded to your last comment within twenty-four hours.

7.  There is no rule seven. 

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10-gallon hat
10-gallon hat

or a 37.85 liter hat, if you prefer ... though there's no real romance in that....
Pecos Bill rode a tornado
Doh !!
Charles Marilyn Manson....
" The family that preys together.........."
The family that goes to jail together, makes bail together.
What god put under, let no man tear asunder.
I come from the land down under.
Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
There was a crooked man
who walked a crooked mile
and he found a crooked sixpence
upon a crooked stile
he had a crooked cat
who caught a crooked mouse
and they all lived together in a crooked little house!
That wouldn't have been John Boehner's place, would it?




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