Hey whats up everyone names Frank  lived in NJ my whole Life i was born into a Christian household  actually more than that a Christian family All my uncles are pasters and so are their sons. I kinda was steering away from organized religion about when i started college then realized that religion mad up "GOD" and never looked back. Im just your average guy  likes the JETS likes a good beer every now and again  love to snowboard and hike  go camping anything outdoors. I found this site maybe to meet new friends and possible someone who i can connect with that has the same views as me  Hey ya never know!!  oh check out my page i got some cool music on it

well thats it for now

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Welcome to the Nexus! Where does one snowboard in NJ?
well i go alot in PA but there is mountian creek whitch is in NJ and only 40 min from me


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