New Jersey Vote Backs Marijuana for Severely Ill (cities get wrecked by pill mills)

This quote hits the nail square:

The idea that 36 states don't allow people to use a weed that can help them with medical conditions is insane. Worthless politicians. I don't smoke weed, but if I had a medical condition in which it would help I
certainly would.






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It's a myth that there are 14 (about to be 15 states) that allow people to use cannabis. I live in a medical cannabis state, have a qualifying condition, and have indeed had a card before, but I've only smoked one decent bud since I've lived here. The way the laws are made, the medical cannabis card is really only good for the rich. I've lived at three different apartments here and each of them states something to the effect of "no medical marijuana" in the lease. Furthermore if you don't have your own property to grow on then you'll basically end up paying close to street prices anyways. I tried for a year to find a grower, but all but one (Christian fundamentalists) wanted money up front to grow for you (leaving them to be able to give any number of excuses as to why they couldn't produce meds, but take your money anyways.). The fundies who were the only ones who would grow for me without money up front produced the nastiest driest buds I've ever smoked, I was charged close to street prices for them, and I had to put up with fundies :)

In the 3 dispensary states you pay street prices (sometimes more) for buds and the cost of living in those states is through the roof. The capitalists have got it basically where you can get legal cannabis only if you're rich.

The only sensible solution is to lift the prohibition.  It will reduce price, kill the cartels, and empty our prisons of nonviolent drug offenders.  I can't stand the fact that I have have my tax money go to pay to imprison someone who is a nonviolent person.  If he needs state intervention, it should be with treatment and job training, not prison.  The war on drugs is a miserable failure. 


Liberty begins with self ownership.  I'm amazed at how much this nation, that is supposed to be founded on life, liberty, and property, is willing to give up all three in the name of a war on it's own citizens.  The war on drugs promotes neither life, liberty, or property.  If we can accept recreational drug use as a society, and we do with alcohol and tobacco to name a few, it's insane to think that we can legislate the morality of what substances we can use recreationally.  Especially considering we don't do so with any evidence based studies.  Marijuana is considered a schedule I drug, which means it has no current accepted medical use.  This is just complete falsehood.  Big money in keeping it illegal though, so it's a big cliff to climb, but must be done if we want to get back to what this country was founded on. 


Legalize, regulate, and educate. 

This empire was founded upon slavery, genocide and the theft of the land of the Native peoples. This empire warehouses more than 2.4 million people in it's prisons, by far the highest rate of any country on Earth. This empire has never stood for life or liberty. That’s pure myth.

Cannabis is illegal because it can be so easily and abundantly grown. The capitalist class are not able to make enough profits off it being legal. They find it much better for them to have it illegal so that they can have yet another means to jail those who won’t conform to the wealthy White culture. Cannabis prohibition is a form of racism. Cannabis has been a positive part of nearly every culture that has existed except for wealthy White peoples. Cannabis prohibition is just one of a million ways that the capitalist ruling class force conformity to the wealthy White culture.

You have a very backwards view of what this empire stands for. I don’t want to highjack this thread, but I invite you to see my post on this site entitled “Democracy or Dictatorship?”and engage with the substance put forth there.
I agree that this is what we have become, but not what our nation was intended to be.  I'll check out that thread.




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