Lindsay Lohan, the former child-star and Hollywood bad girl is making some Christians cross. The 23-year old ex-Catholic actress and model has just appeared on the cover of the French fashion magazine Purple in a very Christ-like pose. (More here, including picture and samples of Christian reactions)

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This make me smile :D. I'm not a lohan fan, in fact I feel she is part of the "trash" that are considered holly wood stars. Seriously whatever happened to the glamor in hollywood? I give her props for doing this "controversial" cover but I don't know if she came up with the theme or if the creative director was in charge of it. Its easy to target the models.
I couldn't give a good rip about Lohan either, but ... fer petesake! Can't some of these christers grow some skin over their nerve endings or something ... or does anything and EVERYTHING have to rub them the wrong way???
I agree...I don't give a sparrow fart about her...And since when is standing with your arms out a christ like pose and why should it matter?
These people need to get a blooming life!
Well if idiot christians are prepared to shove their stupid iconography all over our towns and cities with their idiotic crosses on top of their megachurches, they better be prepared to take some payback and being made fun of. Christians who proselytize then complain when they get mocked are jerks, plain and simple.
Sorry Xtians, but that just comes under the catagory of "Tough Shit".
If there was a "Like" button on AE I would press it now
I'm sure if they wanted to really offend Christians, they could have come up with something a lot less tasteful. I personally think it's offensive that Christians have hijacked crucifixions all for themselves. Jesus was not the only guy crucified, the practice went on for centuries and centuries before and after him.

A lot of people actually suffered horrible torture because of cruficixion. What's offensive is for this real torture device to be used as some symbol of an imaginary god who eternally tortures people who don't believe in him.
I suddenly dislike her a little less.
They missed a good opportunity with this photo shoot. They should of had some guy nailing her on a cross.
In what sense are you using the word, "nailing"?
Why was Jesus a lucky guy? Because he got nailed three times in one night! (found that one via Google)
hehehe. wrong magazine??? lol


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