I have realized fairly recently that the state I live in harbors next to zero percent of the population as atheists.... Non-theists, agnostics or the like. This state is completely overrun with zealous, religious fanatics.

I'd like to extend an invitation to all non-theists, regardless of state to stay in touch. I could use some support out here.... Feeling completely surrounded by hypocrisy, here.

Hope the day finds you all well!

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Cory, I've only visited New Mexico a few times, but always liked it. Obviously, you're more aware than I will ever be, but isn't the farther north you go from Albuquerque - Santa Fe, Taos - the less religious it becomes? 

Cory, being isolated from other atheists is rough on a mind, body and emotions. Do keep in touch, rant as much as you need to, and celebrate with us in all the many ways available to a non-superpower believer. I hope your day goes well. 

Cory check out this link for New Mexico Coalition for Reason.  The other links are all atheist groups in New Mexico with more links on the NMCOR website.  Hope this helps







Cory, the others are right - an online sense of community is rewarding and empowering. Whether you post every day, or once a week, or once a month, or.... you will feel much more connected than you were before joining. Welcome and enjoy, its all about community.

We identify, Cory. I'm surrounded by hypocrisy every day but had no idea that New Mexico was that bad. This world is tough. Believers take god as a "given." This shows in their statements that "god always existed" and nobody created him. To the believer every possible situation in life starts with god as a "given." This is a lunacy that we all have to live with.

Keep talking talking to people about all the non-sense in the Bible so they can see it's not real.

Welcome. Cory. I'm from a state that's religion crazy too. I find alot of comfort and like minded people on AN.
I hope you will too..
Hi Cory, sorry to hear that you are finding it hard to come across more non-believers in New Mexico. I was born there and still have friends and family who live there, and always felt it was a pretty "live and let live" place. Hopefully you will start to meet aome more nonbelievers there. You definitely have a lot of us here!

try this:


maybe you'll find out there are more than you think.  or if it's as bad as you say, you'll be thrown into a psych facility.  tough call.  

i told this nurse (i work with a lot of nurses) who i've only known a few weeks that i'm an atheist.  she said she was too, but she was drunk, and the next day said she simply "believes in a higher power".  which is probably bullshit, but still...

Cory, to what do you attribute the unusually high percentage of “believers” in New Mexico?


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