New Orleans schools ban creationism and ‘revisionist’ history in rebuke of Texas

A small ray of enlightenment and hope in the vast darkness of religious ignorance.  Your thoughts.

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good deal

It's sad when we have to actually make laws that basically say "science teachers cannot teach our kids that an invisible, unresponsive and eternally absent thing snapped his fingers and Voila - we began to exist."

It's a lot more than that, though.  Even if teachers want to teach things right, if the publishers started only making Texas-legal textbooks, which would be the easier path for them to follow sans such laws, kids across America would get stuck with that kind of crap all because of a crazy law passed in Texas.

In its own way, this decision may be as kick-ass as the Kitzmiller v Dover case was, and it's damned refreshing to see at that.  Let's hope we see many more in the future!

Hmmm, the same state which its governor is trying to ram through voucher for private religious schools (at least until they figured out that Muslim religious schools could apply too).

Bobby Jindal's remark of "the GOP needs to stop being the stupid party" was not meant to drag the GOP into the XXI Century. It was meant to point out that folk like Todd "legitimate rape" Akin (who inserted a clause in the next Defence Authorisation Act permitting discrimination against gays and atheists by the military) need to shut their mouths - because they cannot bring their agenda through the ballot, they need to sneak it in.

And as Texas buys far more schoolbooks than New Orleans, it is an empty gesture.

My wife and I led a similar protest in Oklahoma against a public school using creationist materials. The school itself had a policy against it, but the teacher augmented them anyway, despite the school policy. Result: they re-iterated the policy, admonished the teacher, and continued.




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