sorry for all the posts today but it's been an interesting news day.  i'm not trying to hog the front page here, but this is just too good of news not to post:

A new Harris Poll released today reveals that only 74% of Americans believe in God, an 8% decline since 2009.

In another decline, only 54% of Americans are now "absolutely certain" in God's existence, a 12% decrease over the last decade.

  • 23% of Americans say they are "not at all" religious, a figure that has nearly doubled since 2007, when it was 12%

check it out folks, this is great news!

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All I got to say is: Let's Keep It GOING!

You don't have to apologize for contributing often, Matthew. If others followed your example AN would soar!

thanks Ruth.  with all these new atheists a/n will soar regardless :)

In a word. EXCELLENT! Let's keep the trend going. If each of us brings one person to a rational mode of thought, and then that person brings another, and another, and ..... We can have a positive impact on humanity. 

One of the few positive applications for a pyramid scheme I've ever heard of, Pat!

That is great news - thanks for posting!!

so welcome.  i love sharing good news (ok, did i just sound like a born again?).  

did you happen to notice belief in evolution was up substantially too?  still far too low but it's up double digits.  

lol  Born again!  Yes, yes... you did.

This is good news and a good post Matthew. The change in numbers is large enough I don't see how this can be a polling error.

I hope everyone is prepared to be politically engaged in the coming years. We'll be seeing the number of Atheist politicians go from drip to trickle to flood. It won't happen without our support though. We'll need to separate the thoughtful candidates from the opportunistic frauds. There will be some I'm sure.

representation in congress?  wouldn't that be nice.  normally i'd be a bit dismissive but this poll has me feeling enthusiastic.  if true, it puts the number of actual atheists at over a quarter of the american population.  most people say it's closer to 4%.  

That is good news.  I wonder how long before we see openly atheist people in our government.  I'm sick of everyone pretending to be religious whether they are or not to get a political advantage.

Thanks for the post Matt.  It's what I come here for.

very welcome k. hughes.  it really is phenomenal news.  acceptance can only be a few decades away :)  jk, i'm thinking it may be possible to have a handful of open atheist within 10 years.  i'd call that progress.




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