New Study May Explain Why Perfectly Intelligent People Cling to Belief God Exists

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That was very interesting. In the case of my wife, she would have a headache and believe that she might have brain cancer. If you try to convince her otherwise she gets upset and claims that you don't know. You are not a doctor. If her headache delusion persists she will go to a doctor.

This is a true story. One morning she woke up with a red veiny eye. While most of us would just use "ClearEyes" and forget it, she had to go to the doctor to insure that she wasn't going blind. (I swear to Thor.)

As for deja vu, one common thing with it is that a message might get to the left or right brain with a slight delay. That causes you to instantly think "this has happened before." Then you have the morons who want to make that statement every time the telephone rings. LOL

At the YMCA last Monday I met a woman who instantly thought I was someone else. From the moment we saw each other we each had the same feelings about this, but just as quickly had to admit we were wrong. We don't know each other at all, and we both thought we knew each other if just for an instant. I told her not to feel badly about it. I'm always seeing my daughters or my step daughter out in public somewhere, but I know it cannot be them. The reason is that they look just like they did in 1980. This makes me have that instant recognition, but then it is gone.

Very interesting reading James. I read a report that it is now suspected that fundamentalism is a mental illness, and I, for one, believe it.

At the very least, fundamentalism is a failure or unwillingness to think critically.  What I'm afraid it may be is a determination NOT to think critically in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary ... and curing someone of being purposefully ignorant I see as being far more difficult than resolving a case of OCD.

Tell her that England has socialism. See how she likes that. Tell her that you have been afraid America was going into 1950's communism for years!

As for religion, agree with her. Tell her that Jeezus Crist is Lard! If she is like you say she still probably wouldn't get it.

A friend of mine overheard a woman in a laundymat telling 3 children how Christmas would probably be done away with by Obama because he was Muslim, but the christian religion was the "religion of love." My friend says the woman was horrible and one of the listening children was about 12 years old!

I hate delusional people!

For some reason christians are working on being more obnoxioys than they used to be. I dont know why thst is. They throw it in your face all the time. At the most surprising moments they pull out the Jesus sock puppet. They deserve scorn.

My theory, Sentient, is that they are scared shitless that their religions are on their way out, destined for the garbage heap of worn-out ideas. These people feel threatened and with good reason. Every time a pollster takes the measure of belief in the country, they come up with new evidence the number of non-believers is growing steadily. I suspect this is one reason why hard right wingnuts hurl invective at progressives because we "want European socialism." The number of non-believers in Europe has always been higher than in the U.S. Freethinkers, agnostics, and atheists in the Scandinavian countries particularly scratch their heads and/or laught at us because, in Europe, fundamentalist religions are almost non-existent. Consider the Nederlands. They are one of the most socially progressive nations on earth, and they were the home of the Dutch Reform movement, including the concept of original sin. You don't see much influence on politics there exerted by fundamentalist relgions. Here, those who cling to irrational, delusional beliefs and want us all to remain in their thrall are lashing out at us simply because of a nagging feeling we are changing their way of life. And they're right. We are.

James, you are absolutely right.  And here's the problem we will be facing in the near future:  as religion and religious influence becomes more marginalized over time, the people who cling to religion will become even more fanatical and outspoken.  Considering the pious religiosity of so many people in the United States, I predict some very nasty behavior by theists occurring in the next few decades. 

We are already seeing the beginnings of this.  They are first trying to secure their influence legally by using government legislation to put prayer back in school, some states declaring a "year of the bible," the right to discriminate based on religious ideology, the right to erect ten commandment monuments for "historical" reasons, fighting to "teach the controversy," etc.  The list goes on and on in states across this country. These little legislative bombshells will continue to pop up like roaches at a garbage dump.  We have many legal battles ahead of us.     


Melinda, I pulled a rather nasty trick at a local watering hole the other night. A group of old white guys (yes, I resemble that remark) were sitting around talking about the black guy in the White House being a terrible socialist and how horrible 'Obama-Care' (Fox NewSpeak for the Affordable Care Act) is for the nation. I asked for a show of hands of everyone who was on Medicare. Everyone's hand went up. I then asked for a show of hands on how many of them liked it. Once again, it was unanimous. I then stated that they were all in favor of socialized medicine.

I went back to my drink over the sound of crickets chirping.

Well done, Pat! I might add to the ironey here by saying that if they are all on Medicare they are exempt from the ACA or anything Obamacare! It makes you wonder what they thought they were talking about in the first place??

Amazing some of them didn't smash a beer bottle and cut you up real bad.

That was perfect.

Socialist is not what I would label Obama. I wonder how she arrived at that idea? 




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