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Well, I am very surprised.  I thought that the less educated were more religious, and that more education meant more secular.  Thanks for posting this article.

Yet the religious have lower I.Q.s than the nonreligious.

A couple of things jump out at me in reading the article.  "One study..." being the biggest.  Every science and statistics teacher I have ever had has told me to watch out for those two buzzwords together.  One study, no matter how large, does not necessarily represent a truth, or even good findings.

The second being that "researchers were concerned" with the findings. This to me says they had some kind of bias toward church going to begin with. If anything I'd be concerned that more college educated people are NOT flocking away from churches, not that non-college educated people ARE.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that having a "higher education", especially among white americans, is not necessarily the greatest litmus test for actual intelligence... Heck, just look at our former president! Just because someone has the money to get the piece of paper from a four year college, doesn't mean they earned it, and these days it doesn't even mean they are in fact "smarter" than those who do not have said piece of paper. (and this is coming from one who holds such a piece of paper!)


But heck, IMO, any news that larger groups of people are leaving church and religion behind, is good news to me!  It's a step in the right direction to leaving all kinds of other nonsense and baggage that goes along with it behind as well.

This study has got a lot of press, but it is not a study like most people think, where an experiment is designed to collect data. The authors used data collected by others for an ongoing project and then inferred various conclusions from it.

The data used has not been verified -- it is collected in face to face interviews from a list of questions, as the study relies on honest answers from the participants. This may or may not be reasonable assumption.

The study may be correct in its conclusions, I don't know. But I see a lot of room for error, based upon the methodology.
Probably because the cover charge is too high...
I would not agree with that study.  As Cheryl stated the religious have lower I.Q.s than the nonreligious.

The figures are for church attendance, not belief. I've personally known lots of people who claim a belief in god but who rarely, if ever, attend church.

It could be that some of those in the more educated group are sceptical but attend church for social reasons. For example, to maintain a position in the local community, foster business contacts, or to keep in with the boss. Church attendance may be considered a nice respectable professional middle class activity in their community. People join golf clubs for career advancement, so why not churches? 

Just because the church attendance figure for the group with less schooling is lower doesn't mean that those who don't go to church are all atheists.

I think you hit the nail on the head.  In the race of church or golf, I would be sunk.  I hate both.
Excellent link.  Maybe the reason America bucks the trend is because of the instability of socio-economic status.  The middle class is shrinking, and the working-class poor is growing.  In countries with good social nets in place, in western Europe, secularism and atheism are very high.
Butterfly Ocean I agree completely with you and thanks for the link.  You always have to consider who funded the "study" and who will benefit.
Are blogs to be considered classic journalism? You know! Who, what when, where, and how?
They probably got into class too. What income level etc. it's all CapitalistNewsNetwork owned by the Murdoch/China clans anyhow. who cares what cnn has to offer. it's never what's actually happening.. i.e.
not much reports from wall street nah mean? occupation of...
imagine there no internet, npr or pbs... they do. the Kochs/Murdochs etc.




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