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Since many other studies have shown that the LESS educated are MORE religious, and therefore go to church more often, I'd have to say that CNN needs to do a bit more research. Besides, how does going to church make a person smarter? It does not. All it does is fill a person's head with ridiculous ideas about an invisible sky-man who watches over you and grants your desires if you worship him the right way. Anybody could learn that crap without ever having a day of schooling in their lives.

I am assuming that less educated people are also more likely to work a schedule which would hinder church attendence. The higher your education level the more picky you can be about where and when you work. Less educated people are more likely to work third shift and/or weekends. I wonder if this has anything to do with the results.

They didn't seem to mention their sample size or the margin of error...
I wonder how many of those "more" educated white Americans have degrees in Science?



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