I'm a new (2 weeks) closet atheist. Any suggestions on how to begin my new life?

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Get a cat?

Oh and welcome!
I have one and he is also a non-believer.
Wow! Meghan, we have been atheists about the same amount of time. I find that amazing and quite exciting. How long did you "doubt" before realizing you were an atheist? My doubts came and went over the past 12 years. I fought it, but I'm glad I gave in to reason and honesty. I'm so much happier. It's great to have a connection with someone like you!.
I'm new here too, but I'm not a new atheist. I became an atheist a number of years ago, but I am still not officially "out" to people who know me in real life. So I think it's great Zorro and Meghan, that you guys are already getting connected with people online.

It's been a long and slow process for me. I once considered becoming a pastor, and several people among my friends and family are very religious. The closest I've come in person to admitting I'm not a Christian is to say that "I'm not sure what I believe", which is true. Although I leave out that I know what I don't believe!

Greetings to everyone as well, I'm looking forward to meeting people here.
I'm glad someone responded who is still a "closet" atheist (for lack of a better term). It makes me feel better. This is the right path for me right now. I want to do this slowly and thoughtfully.

I really feel like I understand your situation since you considered becoming a pastor at one point. I was a "born again" Christian for 30 years! Very involved in women's Bible studies and felt like my faith was the most important thing in my life. I NEVER would have imagined I could turn my back (permanently) on the Lord. But, there is no turning back. I have a peace already that is deeper than any peace I felt as a Christian. Always felt like a failure as a Christian. Now, I can love myself for the first time in 30 years.
Yes, I was a true believer. I was the most religious person among my friends and family for a number of years (which is part of the reason I think it's hard for me to come out of the "closet", so to speak). I was never a very outspoken, in-your-face type of Christian, but I took my belief in God very seriously and wanted everyone to believe in God. I honestly used to think "How could people not believe in God?!?!" It didn't make sense to me. I would never have imagined being an atheist. Now I wonder "How could I have believed in God?!?!"

It took me a long time to realize how much of an affect Christianity had on me. I took things that we used to recite in our church, like "We are by nature sinful and unclean...We justly deserve Your present and eternal punishment", very seriously. It was not good for my self-image or my view of the world. Now I am happy to be free of this sort of thinking... I'm happy you feel like you're on the right path, too!
I believe in Bastet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bast_(goddess) but otherwise, I have been either athiest or agnostic for most of my life.

As far as where to start?, well that depends on what your looking for. Atheist friends? a meet up? what too read? or millions of other ideas.

You might start by telling us what your current environment is such as whether you have atheist friends or not.
I think I am looking for nothing more than atheist friends at this point. I'm reading lots of great books by atheists, so I don't lack for information. Read my post from earlier today called "church" for more details about my current environment. Are you serious about Bastet? I went to the link you provided and there are many definitions of Bastet. I'd love to hear more.
You might look at meetup.com because there are often athiest groups. I often noticed that the more religious your area is, the more likely there is going to be an atheist meet up. The whole idea. There are also humanist organizations, which technically are athiest, and most people involved in them are, but it may actually be a little more comfortable for your husban if it gets to the point where you like him in your company.
Doesn't Meet Up cost money to be a member? Whereas Atheist Nexus is free (donations appreciated).
It cost to post but anybody can sign up to add themselves to an already established groups. But yeah, I didn't think of A|N. !!!!!DOH!!!!!
I was a Meetup member years ago, about the time they decided to start charging group leaders. I'd already spent money out of my pocket to advertise Meetup for free, so I declined to pay. Didn't know if Meetup policy had changed since then.

But yes... AN is a free social networking site. Woo hoo! (donations helpful)


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