I was born Catholic, and had to convert to Jehovah's Witness at age 8 because my mother decided it.

My father has always been an atheist, but he never shared his views while I was growing up. He simply had nothing to do with the religion while not interfering with my mother's indoctrination of us.

My father helped me escape of the theological tyranny of my mother by signing permission for me to work as a deckhand in a freighter at age 15 (this is decades ago when people grew up quickly).  On my return after six months, I saw the religious leaders and their families for what they were, a bunch of hypocritical manipulating predators.

I was still a minor at sixteen and my mother was the boss around children related issues, so I needed to escape again.  This time, my father signed my papers for me to attend Naval school, and I was free for ever at age 17.

I was certain that neither the Catholics nor the Jehovah's Witnesses would be saved by their own criteria if there was a god.  Within a few weeks in the Navy's boot camp, I knew there was no god.

I have been an atheist ever since, but felt that I was the only one in the world because I still didn't know that my father and his father had always been atheists.  Perhaps it is genetic:)

I found a European Atheist web based community and have been a member there for a couple of years.  Finally, I found this atheist community, which is closer to home. Home for me is Ontario, Canada.

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Welcome to AN, Quest of Knowledge. It sounds like you'll add an interesting  perspectives to our conversations here. Glad to have you!

I look forward to seeing you at the traditional atheist hazing ceremony. Don't worry, the padding on the chicken suit helps protect you a lot when it comes to making it through the paddling portion of the ceremony.

or getting de-baptized by a hair dryer.  that worked for me.

Hair dryer? That's just too silly. You need to realize atheist salvation can only be found with the doning of bird costumes.

My version of atheism is real, yours is heresy and I condemn you to atheist hell. Better known as Arby's on a Sunday afternoon. :)
The god I don't believe in can beat up the god you don't believe in!

Ooooh… this could be an excellent debate!

I'll probably eat the suit if it is made of chicken:)

"Home for me is Ontario, Canada."

Welcome, consider this a "second" home...

I'm from Ontario originally, now fighting the good fight for secularism down below the Mason-Dixon line.

Thank you Richard.

Welcome Q Of K

Thanks John.

Thank you booklover.  My family and friends know that I am a freethinker, but I am careful not to mention it to my clients, or acquaintances, because they are all religious and scared of non believers.

I don't want to lose clients over religion. They need to believe, so let them. I need their business:)


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