Hi all! I am a high school student who is recently been converted to
being a non-theist. I am here to learn information on this subject,
even though my mom and one of my sisters "loves" to give me
information, sometimes it is better to learn from multiple people. I
come from a large church going family (i have 4 siblings, then a
step-sister) and I have been baptized and have had my first communion,
but I am very  happy that I haven't been confirmed. For being my age I
know a lot about Christianity, which helps me understand how insanely
ridiculous it really is. It is kinda weird, I was in my history class
one morning and we were talking about the similarities and differences
between Christianity and the Islamic religions and I knew more then my
fellow peers who are supposedly "Christian". I understand why that
happened I just thought it was rather hilarious. The only thing that I
was worried about was my teacher thinking I was church-going or extremely religious. I just wish we got more in depth into it instead of just brushing the surface. Just some information about me, I play the flute and I am working on 5th year. I am also an artist, basically I love being creative and expressing myself through the arts. Well, I am glad to be part of this group and I hope to learn something new!

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Welcome welcome! I also play the flute, good to see a fellow woodwindist :)
hi, i was just curious how long you've been playing the flute?
Well I played from 6th grade till my first freshman year in college, and plan on getting back on it after a 2 year break. So 8-9 years or so.
thats cool, you should definitely start playing again!
thanks everyone for the welcome!

"I am a high school student who is recently been converted to
being a non-theist.

Try to avoid saying that you converted to non-theism. Losing one's religion is a de-conversion process.
It's often said that studying the bible makes you Atheist.

Welcome to AN.
Having to study the bible in Catholic school was a crucial step in my ascent to atheism. No amount of indoctrination could conceal the fact that the biblical God was no better than Hitler.
Yep! same thing happened to me. Having to read the old testament all the way through as part of freshman religion class helped get the ball rolling. I remember the teacher kept claiming that it was "more exciting than a soap opera."

I would rather have spent the semester watching "Dark Shadows" reruns on TBS.
Well , one of the reasons the class didn't get into it deeper into the topic is the same reason why your religious peers don't know about Christianity... the more in depth one gets into the source material the less sense it makes (you implied this when you pointed out that you know a lot about Christianity and how ridiculous it is).

I'm going to let you in on a secret, people who were agnostic/atheist at a young age have a tendency to revert back to a religious midset when they get older (due to peer pressure, fear of death, raising kids, failure of the central nervous system). The best way to fight this is to understand the arguments for Atheism so that you are protected form such nonsense.

hello sweetie, welcome to the world of common sense..... if you're interested, there are many books about atheism, morality and humanism to help you with your new-found world...... christopher hitchens is good to read; dan barker is also wonderful; the book "women without superstition" is excellent for a self esteem boost and courage............there are plenty of us who will help you along your path of reason and logic.. :)
thank you!




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