Hi all! I am a high school student who is recently been converted to
being a non-theist. I am here to learn information on this subject,
even though my mom and one of my sisters "loves" to give me
information, sometimes it is better to learn from multiple people. I
come from a large church going family (i have 4 siblings, then a
step-sister) and I have been baptized and have had my first communion,
but I am very  happy that I haven't been confirmed. For being my age I
know a lot about Christianity, which helps me understand how insanely
ridiculous it really is. It is kinda weird, I was in my history class
one morning and we were talking about the similarities and differences
between Christianity and the Islamic religions and I knew more then my
fellow peers who are supposedly "Christian". I understand why that
happened I just thought it was rather hilarious. The only thing that I
was worried about was my teacher thinking I was church-going or extremely religious. I just wish we got more in depth into it instead of just brushing the surface. Just some information about me, I play the flute and I am working on 5th year. I am also an artist, basically I love being creative and expressing myself through the arts. Well, I am glad to be part of this group and I hope to learn something new!

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Moriah, in regards to good books on atheism, I would like to suggest "Atheism: The Case Against God" by George H. Smith. I found it to be an excellent book for those who are not yet into deep, philosophical studies. It contains many references to other books which you can add to your collection at a later date.
Well, if you know a lot about christianity, I read that somewhere in mathew it says something about a bunch of tombs splitting open when jesus rose from the dead and I guess it says a bunch of zombies wandered into town "to be witnessed by many". I don't think it explains what happened to the zombies or anything, but you should check it out and share with your classmates. I have more important things to do other than reading the bible, but you might be more interested in it.
Hi - welcome to A/N. It's fascinating how study of the Bible turns people into atheists - there's hope for us yet...
I run a website 'A Brief Guide to Atheism', which also has links to lots of other internet resources that you might find useful.




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