Hello, My name is Sean and I am new to atheist nexus, but not to atheism. Just thought I'd post a little hello and about me kinda thing. I was raised christian and even went to a christian university, which ended up aiding in my becoming atheist believe it or not. Being raised christian your just taught it and not to question it so you just think it's right, but it was at the christian university that I actually started studying the bible and religion and started to see how bogus it actually was. So thank you Greek class (learning the bible in greek and learning about all the interpretation and bullshit that went into putting the bible together, if a book on any other subject were put together the way the bible was no one would take it seriously) and thank you Psychology as taught by christians...What a joke. Anyway, enough about my religious background and a bit more about me. I used to do improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy, then I had a kid so I kinda gave that up,  and worked a bunch of different jobs for a while. Then decided I wanted to at least be doing something I liked so I went to art school and now I'm doing the artist thing, well trying to (still have to bartend for now).

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Greets and salutes, Sean!  We're glad you joined us!

Welcome Sean. I agree. Knowledgeable study of the bible will generally turn people away from it.

Yes, isn't that a head scratcher?

Indeed ... a lot depends on where your attention is, and what your biases going in are.  Those who are convinced beyond any question probably will blow contradictions and other problems off, while those who are genuinely skeptical ... well, HIDY, there!

Welcome. Some of your background sounds a lot like mine. Deep study of the bible is what eventually turned me away, but the theists don't understand that. They keep wanting to cite the bible as proof of something. Sorry. That don't work.

Anyway, welcome Sean.

Good evening Sean and welcome. You will find many great people and a lot of interesting discussion here.

Welcome Sean glad you found us.

Welcome, Sea.

Welcome Sean/Sea. Reading your intro has me laughing because I can identify. An education like that should make an atheist almost every time.

Welcome Sean. It was a catholic college that turned me atheist to .




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