I signed up not long ago. I became a follower of Science and Atheism after a long search for myself. I've never looked back. Just saying hi, add me as a friend if you want.



Sports (MLB - Cardinals, NFL - Titans, NBA - Grizzlies, NCAA - Vols)

Video Games (Final Fantasy Series, TLOZelda Series, RPGs, Mario, ETC)

Books/Philosophy (Nietzsche, Dragonlance, Game of Thrones, God Part of the Brain)

Music (Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Alice In Chains, H.I.M., Nirvana)

TV (Science Channel, Dexter, Family Guy, etc)

Movies (The Crow, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Princess Mononoke, Se7en)


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   Welcome.  Feel free to to open your mind here.


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