Hi guys, I'm Ben, I'm sixteen years old, from Western Kentucky. I live in a very Christian family, and until a few years ago, I attempted to follow the motions and the beliefs, to make my guardians happy. I turned away from theism when I studied deeply over religion as a whole. I turned away from any form of a God mostly because of my parents' hypocrisy and events in my life that occurred. I'm convinced that the world is not meant to be lived believing in something you can't touch, only believe in for sake of lack of strength. I'm very strongly opinionated for my age, and I am what many call "The Oppressive Atheist", in the sense that I will throw down a belief and cause an argument in that particular moment. I have reserved respects for some theists, depending on their impact in life. I'm very tolerant of the way things are. I can't afford to be intolerant in today's world, less ignorance. I hope I'm able to grow mentally in these forums and talk to some people that share a similar life to me.

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Studying one's religion from the view of demonstrating it's validity often causes people to leave the religion.  You're a bit young, but seem reasonably mature.  If they ever convince you to go to one of their meetings (a.k.a. church), and you "feel" something, note that it's a normal psychological response to the stimuli they present you, and not supernatural in any way.  If you want to feel those feelings, I recommend a similarly styled nonChristian music concert (i.e. if you like the way the charismatic meetings feel, go to a rock concert). 


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