Hello all. I am a 22 year old non theist and have been so for the better part of a decade. I stopped believing in the nonsense that had been spoon-fed to me for the first half of my life when I realized it made absolutely no sense. I have been through most of the popular religions as my father tried to make up his mind such as Catholicism, Christianity, Christian Baptist, Presbyterian, Buddhism, etc. What I found to be the common ground was the ridiculous suggestions, rules, and laws that went against every known bit of human nature we have. After that I looked at the basic structure of the belief system and noticed it did not coincide with my logical, rational way of perceiving the world around me. Now as I aged and was introduced to the scientific method the layers of possibility that religion was correct dissipated. All I was left with was the fact that I know absolutely everything about nothing. And I'm comfortable with that.

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Sounds like you've had quite a whirlwind exposure to the various branches of Christianity as well as Eastern philosophies. What was your experience with Buddhism?
Sorry it took me so long to reply, work and school have been keeping me busy. With Buddhism I dabbled a bit in the metaphysical theories imposed such as reincarnation, karma, etc. The extent of practice was following the guidelines taught by Alan Watts and of course the Lama. In the end I found it to be a preposterous as any theology. But to sum it up, I only dabbled in the philosophical areas of Buddhism, not as much of the practice.
Well I appreciate the welcome. Thank you.
Thank you for the welcome.
Thank you for the welcome. I suppose it all depends on how the event relates, all is relative to the observer.
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