New to the Site, and Just Wanted to Say Hello and Hold a Discussion

It's so great that I came upon this site, I am becoming a free thinker after having many different experiences. The first being when I started visiting churches in hopes of finding answers to something. Some were friendly, and others were just like what was the point in me coming here again? And sometimes when I would sit in a church I would feel out of place and begin to wonder if this whole thing was a sham. The next thing that just had me wondering about the whole thing was when me and my boyfriend got into an argument about my sexual orientation. He came to me with all these Bible quotes about how I was wrong, calling it un natural, and that anyone in sin can come out, god doesn't want me to go to hell... Blah, blah, blah... It really hurt my feelings a lot that some who claims to care about me so much would say hurtful things to me like that. I told him about it, and his response was sorry I hurt your feelings, but god's words aren't suppose to make you feel good... WTF! Anywho this got me thinking about the hypocrisy I see so much in religion, and it seems like the main thing they like to call foul to is homosexuality. But I find it really funny that they like to call out homosexuals while they are fornicating or comitting adultery. Another thing I found church gets involved with a guy and now is pregnant by him. Now I'm not trying to be funny is that this girl who was "saved" from being a lesbian, and is so involved in judgemental or anything, but it just comes across to me that everything is else is ok, but oh no don't be a homosexual or a bisexual cause then we are gonna come after you. I was tempted to ask my boyfriend if christians read their bibles with a black sharpie in one hand a highlighter in the other so they can cross out what is inconvienent to them with the sharpie and then highlight everything else they want to shove down everyones throats. I'm sorry for ranting on here but I'm just sick of getting crap shoved down my throat, and every discussion that is non religious somehow going back to the bible. Like for instance after having Thanksgiving at my house my boyfriend was wondering why my mom didn't offer him water first in her list of drinks, then proceeds to tell me about a person in the bible who offered another person who came to their milk first instead of water, and he tels me in hospitality according to the bible your suppose to offer water first *eye roll* Ok I'm done ranting, but would like to hear everyone elses thoughts... Thanks!

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Step one: Ditch the boyfriend!!

And welcome aboard, it looks like you'll fit right in.
Thanks Walter for welcoming me!
Yeah by the sounds of it, although of course I dont know anything about your relationship granted, but I would probably end it with your bf and seek someelse who understands you, challenges you but intellectually not plain telling you how to behave. That is never a great foundation for a relationship.
Welcome by the way, I know I only just stumbled on this site too so thought id give it a try.





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