Please watch the new video that Brother Richard posted.

In one word, it's FANTASTIC.

And please, if you are able, make a donation to the ALS Association to help discover a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Great job, Richard!!

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Great clip!

I've heard of people taking the ALS Challenge but didn't know the details.

I know some people who would love to dump cold water on me.

Thanks Br. Richard !

Good clip! I'm so glad ALS gets more attention now! I'll never forget my father-in-law dying from it.

Absolute best I've seen!

What - no atomic wedgie?

LOL     Some people are just never satisfied, 

Ah!  A hybridization of the traditional and Patrick Stewart schools of the ALS challenge!  Most excellent!  However, I do have to say I disapprove of Richard's flagrant waste of good whisky!

In the circles I travel in, what he did is known as true alcohol abuse.

You sure wouldn't catch ME doing that with a fifth of Glenlivet!!!

Oh! I love Glenlivet. Had to give it up for diabetes. I can hear your sobs from here. 

Give up Glenlivet?!?  HERESY!

[Ummm ... question ... if *I* gave up Glenlivet, genders considered ... would that be HIMESY?!?]

I LOVE the way your mind works!


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