Every New Years' I try to think of what needs changing, what went well, what went wrong.  It's a debrief for the year.  

A lot changed this year.  Not sure of what to resolved yet.  My resolutions are not so much a promise of what to do, but a 'regroup', usually fine tuning and redirecting.  In the past, it's led to moving to a different city, life changes, and career changes.  Mostly not so dramatic.

This year?  Too soon to say.  Time to start thinking about it.

My biggest challenges are too much work, and trying to do too much.  So maybe I'll work on focus.  Oh, and the new project is already decided, as I've mentioned elsewhere, beekeeping.  


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I am also in the no resolution camp.  Oh, I know there are things that I should do (quit smoking, exercise etc) but trying to force myself by making a phoney resolution won't get me anywhere.

The beekeeping sounds cool.  I knew a family back home in MD that did it.  The Dad actually made a pretty good side income from it.

I stopped making new years resolutions a long time ago. I always figured if I wanted to change something, I can do that any day of the year. I quit smoking in September (15 years ago). I joined weight watchers in November (4 years ago). If we wait for the new year to come around to make a resolution, will we ever get our butts out of our sofas?

Having said that, and in light of the recent horrors in CT, I do feel the urge to activate myself politically. It's not enough anymore that I go out and vote at each election. It's not enough that I listen to NPR and know what's going on (as much as a person can) in the world. No. It's time. Time to start writing letters. Time to get my butt off the sofa and stand up. Time for my voice to be heard. And maybe it's time to be more vocal about my non-religious beliefs while I'm at it. I might be out of the closet with some people, but with others I'm back in the corner behind the old coats, shoe boxes, and purple froofy bridesmaids dresses. I think the older I'm getting, the more I don't give a shit what other people think about me.


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