New Zealand Approves Gay Marriage! + Great Funny Marriage Speech

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Wonderful!  This gentleman demonstrates a fantastic sense of humor as well as an excellent delivery in supporting the NZ gay marriage bill.  We could use his like in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Nice to see it.

I can't get over the changes.  When I was young, LGBT people were almost universally reviled.  It was harder than I can describe.

The next generation will be less tortured by demonization.  At least now there are good people who have moved beyond old prejudices and ignorance.  We'll never have 100% acceptance.  But it's nice to feel the embrace of sunshine coming through the clouds.

Don't say "never". Should we survive Climate Destabilization, civilization will have plenty of time to grow in wisdom.

New Zealand has gay marriage but Australia still doesn't have it. The prime minister Julia Gillard supports this on the basis that Australian legislation protects both marital and non-marital relationships in the same way in the event of divorce or separation. The current legal position is now doomed because New Zealand now has gay marriage. It is expected that Australians can now simply fly accross the Tasman sea to marry in New Zealand and then claim recognition of the marriage under Australian law.

I think New Zealand has taken the lead on this issue and Australia will have to follow suit otherwise look ridiculous and out of date.


Les lois claires en théorie sont souvent un chaos à l'application.

Napoleon Bonaparte


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