New Zealand school girls being forced to marry their rapists.

The religious are still opressing people. It will not stop until God finally dies.Young hopes and dreams shattered because of people empowered with God's will.

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Is there another link to the video? I'm unable to watch this as it just shows the loading screen.
Sorry Jennifer, I cannot find any other link to it. Maybe there is another way someone smarter than I could help you with.
I couldn't get the video to load in the flash player, but it did in windows media player (after I downloaded a plug-in for Firefox, at least).
Meh. It's their fault anyway for provoking the men's uncontrollable lust in the first place... right? Wait, I'm a man, in America where women wear all kinds of crazy crap and can act as sexy as they want and I've never raped anyone. Crap. There goes that argument...

Oh! I know! "They're in a different culture" so that magically makes rape the girls fault because in a different culture it's impossible for men to control themselves... right?

Sorry. I'm in a terribly un-PC mood today and sick of people not only hiding behind religion but "culture" to excuse their attrocities.

*Note: I am not in any way implying that the OP is doing or making any of the above excuses. This is just my reaction to the link, not the OP.
Is NZ a muslim country?
Assuming that these numbers are even remotely accurate.
We can see that christian is declared dominant, while islam is counted as very small.
Downloaded the wmp plugin and it worked. That man says that it is a cultural thing to force girls to marry young and to marry rapists, but that it is not in the Quran. I don't know if that's true as I haven't read it myself yet. However, it is in the Christian Bible that if your daughter is raped and betrothed, the rapist owes the father x amount of shekels. If she is not betrothed, she is then to be married to her rapist and he cannot divorce her. Why is it then that a culture whose religion forbids forced marriage frequently commits this atrocity and our culture whose largest religion endorses it does not?
I posted this link to my facebook and my cousin (who "really loves Jesus") replied that she "...hate(d) everything about rape..." and I quoted that verse to her just to let her know I hate one more thing than she does about it. She was shocked. I told her that is just a small piece of why we should be concerned with what is in that book. She didn't want to talk about it anymore. I know, what a shocker.




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