Definitely worth a watch, and share with everyone.  Again, its not who's saying it, but WHAT they are saying that matters.  The ending brought a tear to my eye.

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of course, in response the republicans have introduced the "defense of money" act.
is it that you disagree with the premise of a technocracy, or the concept of eliminating money from society...or do you just think its long winded and boring overview of obvious things or what?  Cause I'll grant you, its really long winded, but I'm not as up on a lot of the concepts presented so I appreciated the thoroughness.

the media is a heckuvah drug

as for the jupiter project that's some windy road on the goog sat in n.florida

i mean venus project... you can see the location from googearth.

guess it'd be a speakeasy kind of retreat? hrrmmm...

Although some of the sections in the movies (especially the first one) are badly sourced, a lot of the aims/themes are very interesting, such as technocracy, removal of money, the media control of the population etc.


The Venus project is a flight of fancy to an extent, but as a long term goal is it really such a bad idea? We may never get there, but it sounds like a better direction than the political systems we have in place at the moment.


We have resources to achieve so many things in Science, and yet we spend billions of dollars on War rather than on science. if they invested the money in renewable energy they wouldn't need to spend it on wars to steal Oil from these countries.


anyway, gone off topic. Technocracy, good or bad?

I found only the section on Christianity being a Sun cult of particulate interest and validity and found so much of y rest to be of such dubious validity that it called into question even the section on Christianity.
It was reviewed in Michele Shermers' Skeptic magazine and therein were listed a number of problem w even the Christianity section.

Also there is this. It is is way long admittedly and not everyone's cup of tea. I find Stephen enjoyable and entertaining besides being informative and right.




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