Hey y'all. I'm Dan. Started stumbling this evening and found this little website, and after reading some posts and watching some videos on here I signed up right away! Nice to see a place for free thinkers to unite.

A bit about me: I was pretty much born an Atheist because of my parents (mostly my Mom). Didn't meet any religious people until I got into middle school, and found the entire concept of religion dumbfounding. How could people believe in such things? Anyway, I'll save my philosophies for other topics; right now I just wanna say hi!

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Hi, and welcome!
's happenin' Dan! You are a lucky man to not have been indoctrinated at a young age! I wasn't really either, of course; except by my self. :D
It's spelled "noob"
Hi, Dan.
There's not many people who were born atheist,
Welcome from Atheist Nexus.
Hello Dan. Welcome to AN. I just wanted to be one of the first to say hi.

You are in good company and I think your going to enjoy this site. Enjoy.




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