I'm new here and new to atheism. I was a fundamentalist about 5 years back, and spent the last 5 years on the fringe of very liberal Christianity / deism / bare bones theism. For some reason I went back to church on easter Friday (for the first time in many years) and realised I no longer believe ANY of it - including the "personal God". I don't believe anything anymore. This isn't a new or sudden thing, my beliefs have been slowly eroding for years. I haven't prayed for 3-4 years. So what now - anyone got any sage advice about rebuilding your worldview sans theism? 

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Kandake welcome and congratulations to you for looking life square in the face and acknowledging this is the one life there is. Now the challenge is living in the moment, being mindful of 'now', enjoy life, be kind to others, dont sacrifice time, effort or life needlessly, find purpose that you care about, be happey, make others happy, and always try to prepare for the future while luving in the present.

I find it helpful to seek like minded community which is why I like Atheist Nexus.

Welcome. A similar thing happened to me about 2 years ago and I thought I was instantly an atheist. Chances are it really happened slowly without me being aware. My advice is simply to check things out here and on You Tube, etc. and just use logic. Once I realized what logic was theism became less than dust.

Welcome Kandake.  You are already rebuilding your worldview by letting go of the myth and superstition of religion congratulations.  

Welcome Kandake. I suppose you'll rebuild your worldviews one day at a time. I think the majority of us, especially x fundies, have doubted the things we were taught for years before we leave religion. It was a gradual process for me. Religionis llike leaving a bad relationship. You've known for a long time it's not working but after investing so many years in it you wonder where you'll go from there.
The more I read and understood the less I believed.
Luck to you.

Stick with what you know and always ask yourself "what kind of world do you want to live in?"

Welcome Kandake,

I don't have much advice for you except one of my favorite quotes from Billy Connolly;

"Avoid those who say they have the answer. Seek out those who are trying to understand the question"

You will find plenty in that second group here and they will help broaden your understandings. You wont agree with everything anyone has to say but at least it will open you up to new ideas.


Its great, you get to have a worldview with your own morals, not the morals of men from 1600-3000 years ago! 

I have a view that I won't do anything that will harm another human being through my own actions. 

What helped me was reading about the theories about the universe, stellar evolution etc. you can see how amazing nature is without God

Thanks for your lovely warm welcomes. I am enjoying a quiet ale, excess chocolate, and easter sunday at home. Hooray! I've also developed a like of the nonstampcollector - funny dude.

Welcome, Kandake. Glad to see you here. All life is a struggle, from the single celled animal up to an including us. It's up to individual to work to make it better and easier for each other, without regard to some "pie in the sky" after life. This is the only life we have, It's up to each of us to give our presence here meaning, and to live as good a life as each of us possible can by learning from our mistakes and those of others, and doing what we can to improve our lot, and the lot of others we share this planet with.

Greets and salutes, Kandake, glad you fell in!

As to "rebuilding your worldview," I think a bunch of us would recommend this rather interesting phenomenon we've observed.  It's called, "reality!"  [chuckle!]  It's neat, too, 'cuz it can still have fun and wonder and even awe as well as the everyday stuff.  It just lacks that odd kinda "god" thing, which you don't really need anyway.

Seriously, you'll find a LOT of discussions around here on just about every topic you can name, and if you don't find one on an issue that is important to you, please start one!  I'm sure people will throw in their two cent or two pence or two pesos or two drachmas or whatever to it.

In any case, please have a great time here!

Welcome to the site

Since you are new to Atheism, you still have some deeply rooted religious programming to eliminate from your mind. Believe me, I have been on the road toward being an Atheist for almost 20 years. I still find old thoughts and feelings that are rooted in Christianity that I need to weed out.

My first piece of advice is to get some good books Atheist/Humanist thinkers. I would recommend Christopher Hitchins and Richard Dawkins just to name a couple. There are more than you think. 

Second, look for a group near you. I found a local group about 25 miles away, but that is close considering the rural area I live in. It helps to have friends you can meet up with in person. With that said, I found my group on MeetUp.Com. 

Third, find some podcasts. They have great guests and you get the news on what is happening in the secular world as well as news of events and conferences you might be interested in attending. 

And finally, don't be too concerned about "coming out" to everyone or to anyone right away. I'm just now coming out as I get more involved with the movement. It's a part of my own personal worldview that has been developing for years. I'd like to see a world where everyone accepts everyone else regardless of race, sexual orientation, culture, belief in a god, or godless, etc. 

I'm new on this site too. I found it while looking for some books to teach my grandson, who is 5, about evolution.




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