I'm new here and new to atheism. I was a fundamentalist about 5 years back, and spent the last 5 years on the fringe of very liberal Christianity / deism / bare bones theism. For some reason I went back to church on easter Friday (for the first time in many years) and realised I no longer believe ANY of it - including the "personal God". I don't believe anything anymore. This isn't a new or sudden thing, my beliefs have been slowly eroding for years. I haven't prayed for 3-4 years. So what now - anyone got any sage advice about rebuilding your worldview sans theism? 

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Oh sure. My main advice? Nothing cures the blues like exercise. Get out there and get some do gooding done. Help other atheists and secularists claim our place in culture and civilization.

And cheer up. You were wrong. So what? I was wrong once. Autumn of 1977. Taught me everything there is to know about humility it did.

You did what anyone can do which is change your direction based on your new beliefs. I'm guessing that as you grow further and further away from the artificial constraints of your previous world view the more you will come to understand that who you were is little different from who you are now and that your place and function in the world is exactly the same, regardless of God or not, even if your community is not the same.



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