Just tossed from another political forum for admitting my Atheism. My endgame is for the separation of church and state.

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Their loss, our gain.
Welcome, from the QC area of the desert.
My endgame is the end of all religion - so we can get on with our real mission in the universe.
It could be that in the last fifteen hundred years, evolution has failed to allow individual humans to control their own lives. Too may are told from birth they have no individual centers and are on the earth to follow the God of choice of the family. This has weakened the decision making within the brain and has turned many into sheep in search of the afterlife.

Every 5 years, the polls tell us fewer humans are following the terror instilled by these Gods. Science will prove that our bodies, minds and memories will fade out when we die. This has always instilled in Agnostics a desire to live while we are able to. I got a taste of how seniors retire in Sun City. They either get involved in things they always wanted to do, or they fade into an autistic state waiting to die.

A life spent trying to please a ghost is a wasted life. Every action from these people is to make up for lives of supposed sins and they become hateful of others and trust nobody. I wouldn't dream of removing God from their lives.

Once we get this conpiracy recognized and gather more free thinkers into the world, this ghost will dissolve but not by force. My concern as an American is to keep the conspiracy out of our government.

That is a beautiful horse in your picture. My family had a white Arabian gelding for many years who was in most of the parades in our area of the Santa Monica Mountains. He was a terrific jumper and my older girl learned the art of competitive "hunter/jumper" in the area where we lived. He became a family pet. When my older girl went off to college, we sold him to a couple of veterinarians who used our gentle giant to work with children.

Sandy, who thanks you for the welcome.
""My concern as an American is to keep the conspiracy out of our government.""

Don't you mean 'get' it out - the conspiracy is already in there.
I believe our first step should be to stop children being indoctrinated.

PS. The horse is 'Nickel' but it was a 'loaner' :-)
I don't care who believes in anything as long as they keep it from forming prohibitions in the government. From what I've seen in the next generation, what ever conspiracy they are taught does not stick with them. Many of my girl's friends who were raised in Christian schools and homes, did not do well at Berkeley. The fad at the time was for men to wear robes and get the girls in their family cult by telling them he was Jesus. Many of those girls fell for it and were never seen again. My kids knew Jesus was a fraud from day one. Now is has spread to the internet and I feel sorry for this little girls who will continue to look for Jesus for most of their lives. My grandkids are smarter too and know better than to count on religion for anything. They were raised Catholic during their school years but it did not last.......


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