Since the news came out about her canonization thrilled fans of Mary Mackillop are rejoicing with much passion. Mary Mackillop is allegedly responsible of a couple of miracles one posthumously, she is also the first australian saint hence the thrill among the devout.

  WTF!....(breathing heavily) did anyone among the fans ever ask lets say two miracles in a span of lets give it a century multiply it with the thousands of believers who pray everyday now subtract it by two...Yes i know WTF. I can't believe how low the bar is set for so called miracles and whats worse is that the public's willingness to buy the newest product of the vatican.

  I was personally given a relic of Mary Mackillop from the sisters of her church through a relative. I accepted it as a token of good intent while saying that im an atheist and don't really believe in it still it was insisted to me. It now sits somewhere in my wheelchair i dont know where and i don't care.

 As a quadriplegic if that's a qualification to be a saint then my nurses are angels and my doctors are gods.


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